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Engaging Your Organization With The Community


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About Cynthia-J


Cynthia has more than 30 years’ experience representing businesses — from speaking, radio and TV, to modeling, facilitation, and event hosting. She knows exactly how to promote businesses in a professional and polished fashion, establishing positive relationships between organizations and their target audiences.

As a Gallup Certified Consultant, Cynthia has the skills needed to communicate your organization’s desired message to your clients. She understands and values the importance of your brand’s message, working with you to deliver exactly what you need to say in a way that resonates with your clients.


Black Oak Institute


Cynthia is a fabulous resource when it comes to planning and organizing my meetings and events.  She makes sure every aspect is covered in detail and knows how to present my business in a Top Notch manner! 

Bob Jamison, Executive Director

Black Oak Institute

Outdoor Living Assessments


When I was looking for someone to represent my business, I knew Cynthia was the perfect person! I had hired a professional film shooting crew to create footage to be used on my website and other marketing efforts and she had the look and presence I needed to attract the higher-end clientele I was targeting. She became knowledgeable of my product and articulated precisely what needed to be said and did it in a classy and professional manner…

She nailed It!

PJ Johnson, Founder/CEO

Outdoor Living Assessments

Tricee Thomas Style Agency


Cynthia is 'The Face' of my Style Agency!  I could not ask for better representation for my business.  She has that luxe look, style and presence.  She promotes my business by just walking into a room.  She is well versed in my industry and knows exactly how to articulate my services to the  socialite clientele I serve.  She is the type of individual I want branding my business!

Tricee Thomas, Owner/CEO

Tricee Thomas Style Agency

Skin Script



When you want an outstanding business image, call Cynthia. I knew she was the right person to call based off the image she creates in life and in her business.  She not only created a new "image" for my skin care line, she created a "brand" for my business that was amazing! I may have created a great skin care product, but Cynthia created the look, image and brand that ultimately increased my bottom line and my products started selling off the shelves. She's a great marketing resource! 

Lisa VanBockern, Owner/Founder
Skin Script Skin Care 

The Garment League


As a Non-Profit organization it's important that we have the right people in the right position and that we are branding ourselves as a premier organization.  When I first met Cynthia it was evident that she knew how to represent herself in a very professional and high class manner!  She now represents 'The Garment League' in the same fashion.  To overseeing our board meetings, connecting to exclusive partners and knowing exactly how to communicate our mission, she's given us the edge we need to put us on the map.  She's been an amazing addition to our team!

Tricee Thomas. President

The Garment League

TAMA Research



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